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A complete new and awaited service begins today! MALBEC POR FAVOR WINE CLUB is now a reality. Just as I, personally, dreamed of how it would be.

The ¨Concierge¨ service of Malbec Por Favor Wine Club is unique and the one thing gives sense to the club, specially the word ¨club¨. It implies the idea of gathering and meeting with family and friends. When you join the Club you will be able to profit from this great benefit. Furthermore you will be able to accommodate your tour as you like and I direct communication with me personally!

Here´s a little introduction to who I am:

I am Mauricio, “the wine guy”. Like many other stories of many, many people, I became who I am as a result of having being related to the industry of winemaking since my early youth. I come from a family that goes back 300 years in Mendoza and they have always being related to agriculture and wine making. Since the birth of Mendoza as one of the federal independent states of Argentina, the Molina´s have been involved in agricultural activities but also into politics (2 of my great grand parents were governors of this province), where they played an important role in the development and growth of Mendoza.

My father was a winemaker, he was an agricultural engineer, specialized in wine making and worked for the National Institute of Viticulture, (the official organization that regulates the industry). and when I was a kid, he used to take me with him  to the lab and showed me the processes of analysis of wines. He used to tell me “Mauricito, this wine is supposed to be good but this one here is much, much better, although it costs less”.
When I turned fourteen, he,(my father) was offered a job in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) at a winery called Monis Wineries and he accepted. I used to help him in the lab and even sometimes drove the truck to carry materials to and from the winery. I remember, once he made a wine with strawberries that was really good.

After returning and settling back in Mendoza, I begun to learn more about the wine industry and used to take people to wineries when there was no one else doing it.  I left Argentina once more, and this time it was to South Africa where I traveled to the wine region in Stellenbosch and Paarl, South Africa, to learn more about it, and again returned to Mendoza to continue with my studies in public relations and history.

Mendoza captures the heart of every visitor and not only because of its wine but also for it’s the beauty and the warmth of its people.

I say to you, “Come and enjoy our hospitality and allow yourselves to be driven by the natural flow of our beautiful and relaxed way of life. Drink our wine and experience our great climate right here in the ‘land of the sun and good wine’”.

Salud amigos!




Malbec Porfavor Wine Tours experienced staff of tour planners and professional wine guides will help you plan the ultimate insider getaway. From wine novice to an experienced connoisseur, Malbec Porfavor Wine Tours can custom design a wine tour to meet your needs. The dedicated staff has developed extensive relationships with both the small family "boutique" wineries, as well as the larger well-known wine estates; allowing Malbec Porfavor Tours access and privileges for their clients which are not generally afforded to the public. 

If you have never been wine tasting in Mendoza before, or perhaps you are new to the world of wine, then you may benefit from taking a couple of days to experience one of our Introductory to Mendoza Tours. While hard-to-find boutique Mendoza wineries along the road less traveled may appeal to returning guests and the more established oenophiles, new visitors often desire building their wine foundation by touring iconic Mendoza wine brands and historic landmark estates. We believe a combination of both large historic estates and smaller, boutique family-owned wineries can provide the best overall learning experience, while allowing our guests to view a broad range of geography throughout Mendoza. Let Malbec Porfavor’s professional tour guides show you the best-kept secrets and hidden gems of Mendoza

To truly appreciate Mendoza’s complexities, and avoid wine fatigue, we recommend you choose from the following three packages the following .


Two-Day Mendoza  Tour


After two full days of wine tasting and epicurean indulgence, you may wonder what’s in store for your next visit. All we can say is, it is never the same tour twice. Our repeat guests come back year after year (some come two or three times a year) to build their budding wine cellars and discover new hidden gems. We strive to promote the growth and development of every client’s wine appreciation, and look forward to taking our guests to the “next level” on each of our Mendoza tours.

Malbec Porfavor Tours brings you and your friends the best of Mendoza wine country with our small fleet of beautiful luxury vehicles and a “no jacket required” casual elegance, drawing upon the Mendoza lifestyle. Locally owned and operated, we are all about authenticity, friendliness, and genuine service. Our discreet and elegant” fleet, and, knowledgeable, professional guides strive to bring you the best of Mendoza wine country.

  • Local Guides
  • Tailored To Personal Needs
  • Honest & Responsible
  • Local Partnerships and Access To Artisan Wineries
  • Tango Tour 


Tango Tour 

Don’t count yourself out just yet. Tango skills are not actually required for the tango wine tour, but it does take two to enjoy this day of wine country romance. Our most popular tour is all about the two of you. What better way to celebrate, fall in love, or fall in love all over again than with a romantic day in Malbec and Tango wine country?

This all-inclusive package includes a full day of touring with one of our professional guides and plenty of alone time. The day begins with a chilled 

bottle of bubbly as we set out on an adventure that is custom fitted to your lifestyle. Here are just a few ideas for your perfect Tango wine tour.


  • VIP tastings at some of our best boutique wineries
  • A beautiful bike ride and/or hike in Tupungato
  • A romantic walk on one of vyneards
  • A gourmet picnic lunch
  • A mountaintop tasting with a spectacular view and some very special alone time
  • Transportation that evening for dinner at a local restaurant of your choice

It’s hard to put a price on love, but we were thinking $495 all-inclusive is pretty close. This includes a full day of touring with one of our professional guides, VIP tastings and tasting fees, gourmet picnic lunch, dinner transportation and gratuity (dinner itself is not included).


Daily Group Tour

Malbec Porfavor Wine Tours offers the ultimate Daily Group Tour in the Napa Valley. For $95 per person, you can enjoy a full day of wine tasting and making new friends as you tour the world's most famous wine region! During this fun and informative tour, guests learn about the local history and geography that makes Mendoza such a popular destination for wine lovers and foodies all over the world. Complete with complimentary champagne, gourmet picnic lunch, four boutique winery visits, and hotel pick-ups throughout the valley.



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