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Our vineyards are located at the foot of La Cordillera de los Andes at an altitude of 1,000 meters above the sea level. We primarily source from two iconic areas in Mendoza - the Valle de Uco and the Valle of Lujan de Cuyo. The vines have a density greater than 5,000 plants per hectare and a yield of approximately 80kg per plant of grapes. This tight spacing ensures a wealth of polyphenol and exquisite aromas in the developing fruit. To ensure health, cleanliness and purity of varietal, harvesting is done by hand, using plastic boxes (20Kg. each) and avoiding hot hours; and then the grapes are placed on a conveyor belt where the selection is made manually.

The production is 80 quintals/ha (kilograms per hectare) or 8,000 kg. The number of plants are actually 6,000. This equates to an average of 1.35 kg/plant, which is about what is used to obtain the contents of a bottle. So, in essence, each plant produces a single bottle!

Valle de Uco

The region of La Consulta and the Departamento of San Carlos, within the Province of Mendoza falls in a big valley called the Valle de Uco. Here grape varieties of french origin find the best environment to thrive. It is an area of cold winters and warm summers with high termal amplitude between day and night. These characteristics, promote good color development and stability of the fruit.

Alluvial soils with rocks and sand base ensure that there is no drainage or salinity. The vineyard, almost 90 years old, is grown in compliance with good agricultural practices and, as such, are obtaining Argentinian ISCAMEN certification.

Valle de Lujan de Cuyo

The Valle de Lujan de Cuyo is an oasis with majestic landscapes where man combined his work with nature and gives thanks to the abundance of meltwater from the Andes. This area highlights the impact of the impresive Rio Mendoza formed by creeks and streams. The fauna is typical of mountain and puma, condor, eagles and red fox are often found intersperced and thriving among the vines.

For it's beauty, the proximity to the Province of Mendoza's capital city, the quality of the land, and its temperature, Valle de Lujan de Cuyo is often regarded as the most important winemaking area in Argentina. The soil is very stony and alluvial allows for abundant water irrigation which brings a high level of health to the vines.